Thursday, August 24, 2006

I'd never worked in a building actively under a bomb scare...

...until now!

I got to work yesterday a little after six, to find that the road in front of the hospital was blocked off and there were police cars everywhere. On the way in, I overheard somebody saying something about a bomb threat. So after settling in, I decided to head to the 10th floor conference room, which overlooks that section of road (the ER enterance is at street level, on what is not the first but rather the eighth floor. OHSU, for those of you outside of the Portland area, is built on a series of steep hills and ravines, and much of what is at street level is considered to be either the eighth or ninth floor) to have a look. Pretty quickly, I realized that the action was centered on a car (supposedly containing a "suspicious package") in front of the ER enterance, two floors down, directly below me, which I decided was a bad place to be standing in the event of an explosion (thank you, survival instinct!), so back to work I went, and that was pretty much the end of it.

The police detonated a small charge next to the car, which did not explode, and cleaned everything up in time for my patients to get to the clinic. Just when I was beginning to think I might get the night off due to terrorism...

Never a dull moment in the health care field!


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