Thursday, November 02, 2006

Copilot, meet Burke. Burke, meet Copilot!

I've been perusing the Pacific Northwest Border Collie Rescue website lately in search of Copilot's successor, and there are a number of dogs that look like they might fit the bill. I drove down to Creswell today to meet the first of those dogs, Burke, a beautiful blue and white border collie. I took Copilot with me so he could make his assessment as well, and I'm glad to report that Cope gave Burke the thumbs-up. Or rather he would have, if he had thumbs. Perhaps "the dew-claws up" is a better way of saying it, but I digress...

Burke has a dicey history. He was found as a stray in Montana, and was possibly feral for a time. He could prove to be a bit of work. He's very uncomfortable with strangers and new situations, but he has a very good disposition and no aggression whatsoever, so he looks like a good candidate for the position of "Tommy's border collie" (Of course Copilot is at this point still very much in possession of that title). I have a number of other dogs to look at in the near future, but Burke shows promise.

By the way, in the photo it looks like Burke is much larger than Copilot. He's actually slightly smaller. Funny thing, perspective...


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