Thursday, December 07, 2006

No Dead Moon for you!

Well, this was a disappointing evening.

I went to Dante's tonight to see Portland's favorite punk band, Dead Moon. The legendary Dead Moon, that is. That would be the Dead Moon that sells out the biggest rooms in Belgium. And Germany. And France. And gets absolutely no credit here in the states, outside of Portland, anyway.

Dead Moon cancelled. Word on the (sorry...) blogosphere has it that "something bad happened on their European tour" and that they may be breaking up. This is an unconfirmed rumor, of course. It could just be that they need a break. That would stand to reason, as they usually do take some time off when they come back from overseas. And hey, they are in their fifties! They've been doing the punk rock thing since the days of the Kingsmen (interesting side note: Dead Moon's singer/guitarist Fred Cole actually owns the mono lathe on which the Kingsemen's "Louie, Louie" was mastered). But still, Dead Moon LIVE rock-n-roll, they don't cancel a show unless something is awry. I guess I should have known something was up when the doorman told me there was no cover.

Garage rockers Mora Tau filled in for them, and they were great. In fact, they were fantastic, definitely worth checking out again. But they weren't Dead Moon. I've put off seeing this band for too long, and I really hope the window hasn't closed! Let's all wish, as hard as we can, that the rumors aren't true!


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