Sunday, January 21, 2007


Janet Weiss is the new Janeane Garafalo! Those of you who know me well will know what that means. Janet, if you're reading this, and you're single, call me ba... Oh wait, I'm kinda seeing someone right now, never mind... Sorry! (Like I'd have a shot...)

Janet Weiss, who is (make no mistake about this, people), a Rock God, was recently freed of her Sleater-Kinney duties and has signed on as the new drummer in Stephen Malkmus' band, the Jicks. I guess you could say that she's been Jickified. Or Jick-O-lated, perhaps. Or maybe just plain Jicked. At any rate, Jenni and I caught their show tonight at the Crystal Ballroom, and... Wow!

I wasn't really familiar at all with Malkmus' work, apart from some of the old Pavement records my friends used to play back about 10 years ago. I was pretty deep into a Dead/Allmans/Panic thing at the time (with a lot of Freddy Jones, Samples and Jayhawks thrown in for good measure), and I wasn't paying much attention to anything else. Those of you who know anything about music are shaking your heads at me right now, I'm sure. Basically, I went to this Malkmus show toinght with totally fresh ears.

I would describe what he played as... the Beatles, Stones, Kinks, Doors, Grateful Dead, Journey, REO Speedwagon, Boston, Knack, Echo and the Bunnymen, and Miami Sound Machine all rolled into one amazing mustachio-ed package. That is, of course, a ridiculous description and doesn't begin to cover it, but let it suffice to say that I could hear a pretty broad range of influences, reconstituted into something both familiar and new. And quite a bit jammier than I was expecting (hence the Doors/Dead comparison), which was a welcome surprise. In short, good stuff. I'll be diving into the Malkmus/Pavement back catalog here in the near future. I've got my homework cut out for me, you could say...


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