Sunday, September 03, 2006

Turn down the AWESOME... fan shout I've heard in quite some time! No, it wasn't mine. Like I could've come up with something that good...

System and Station kicked off their national tour tonight at Holocene. They're not actually leaving town for a week or two. They're hanging around to play next weekend's MusicFest Northwest (My MFNW schedule is pretty crowded at this point, but I may just have to catch 'em once more before they head out into this big beautiful crazy nation of ours). But they'll soon be coming to your town, and when they do, you should pay yourself a favor and go see them. If you're lucky, they might play "Synchronicity II" as an encore. They arguably do a better job with this song than the Police themselves!

Point Juncture, WA opened tonight's show, and were amazing, as always. My only beef with these guys is that each of their songs needs to be at least a minute and a half longer.


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