Sunday, April 08, 2007

Ever had hasenpfeffer?

Neither had I. In fact, I wasn't even sure it was real. I suspected that it only existed in Bugs Bunny cartoons and the Laverne and Shirley theme song. But it is, in fact, a traditional german stew of rabbit (hence the Bugs Bunny reference), historically prepared with wine and vinegar. I'd never eaten rabbit, as it happens. It definitely reminds me of poultry, but it's not particularly chicken-like, much more... lush. I'd describe it as almost a white meat version of duck. At any rate, it was excellent. The green sauce you see on top of the rabbit leg is a pesto made with a very liberal amount of vinegar, which is in keeping with the traditional preparation, but it overpowered the rabbit. It was very tasty on its own, however, and paired very well with the fava beans, and to a lesser extent, the potatoes.

I'm ashamed to say that I didn't eat the asparagus. I'm not fond of asparagus. I'm trying, I'm just not there yet. But it didn't go to waste. It's on its way to the compost pile.

My housemate Robert brought this back from his Easter potluck party this evening in a Tupperware container (forgive my amateurish plating). Many thanks, Robert, for expanding my culinary horizons!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for using Rogue Creamery pesto curds on your menu. Cheers, David RC Cheesemaker.

10:12 AM  
Blogger Trisha said...

Tomas! You are well on your way to your own Food Network show!

1:04 PM  
Blogger jabuspub said...

Friends of ours had us over for Easter dinner 2 years ago and we had rabbit and carrot soup, irony seems to be abundant around easter. I agree with you about rabbit, tastes like poultry but not chickeny. Do you have the recipe?

1:43 PM  

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